How to Make a Vanity Bag Gift Set

Vanity bags are a great present to give at Christmas, as you can make them up in all sorts of fabrics and sizes. Plus, even the smallest presents look extra special when dressed up in tissue paper with a big, bright bow!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Allow: Two hours

You Will Need

Makes one vanity bag and one make up bag

How to Make

Top Tip!…The method is the same for the vanity bag and make up bag, only the size is different.

  1. Cut out fabric using pinking shears and fold in half. Next, fold over 2 cm of fabric on the short edges (where the zip will go) and iron flat.
  2. Position your zip along the top edges so the front of the fabric is on the zip side and pin in place.
  3. Carefully sew in the zip and close it before turning the fabric inside out.
  4. Fold bias binding in half an pin in place at the side where the zip starts. This will create a tag for closing the zip.
  5. Pin the sides together before sewing. Press bag on the reverse.
  6. Turn the bag to the right side and ease the ends of the zips and inside seams into place using a sharp pencil.
  7. Fold a 4 cm length of 12 mm bias binding lengthways to create a tag for the zip, thread it through and stitch in place.

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