How to Make Sugar Paste Roses

How to make Decorative Spring Flowers #Sugarcraft #Baking #DIY

I’ve always wanted to get into sugarcraft, making beautiful sugar paste roses to sit atop the cakes and cupcakes I make.

I recently discovered they’re not half as tricky as first thought, and the best part of all is that you don’t need any specialist equipment to make them!

How to and styling by Catherine Woram. Photography by Penny Wincer.

How to Make Sugar Paste Roses

Suitable for: Beginners

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How to make

  1. Split one quantity of sugar paste into five. Place each piece between two sheets of plastic before flattening. Then, using your index finger, flatten two-thirds of the way round, leaving a thicker base.
  2. Hold the first petal by the thicker end and roll to form the rose centre.
  3. Wrap the second petal around the centre before attaching the last three petals, so that they overlap.
  4. Tease into shape before slicing off base with a knife.
  5. Fix to cake with a small amount of icing.

How to make Decorative Spring Flowers #Sugarcraft #Baking #DIY

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