How to Make a Stag Silhouette Cushion

How to Make a Stag Silhouette Cushion #sewing #cushion #christmas

I do love a tassel, ever since learning to make them a couple of months ago I’ve been using them on projects left, right and centre!

Silhouette cushions are a big trend in interiors at the moments, so I decided to use some lovely seasonal fabric to create a stag cushion perfect for the impending festive season.

How to Make a Stag Silhouette Cushion

Suitable for : Beginners

Time to make : One hour 30 minutes

You Will Need

  • 50 cm of patterned fabric – available in store
  • Roughly one metre of plain fabric – this will depend on the size of cushion you are making
  • Cushion pad – I used a 15 inch square pad to make my cushion
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Fabric scissors
  • Yarn
  • Stag silhouette download (below)

Download Stag Silhouette Pattern »

How to Make

1. Print and cut out the stag template.

2. Pin the template to your chosen fabric and then carefully cut out.

3. Cut out the panels needed to make your envelope cushion using this handy tutorial as a guide.

4. Pin the stag cut out in step two centrally to the front panel of the cushion.

5. Using a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, stitch around the outside edge of the stag. I used quite a narrow zigzag stitch to make sure that all of the fabric edge was encased in stitching, but you could use a wider zigzag stitch if you prefer.

6. Once the stag silhouette is stitched in place you can then assemble the rest of your cushion. I used the envelope cushion method, but you could use whichever method you prefer.

7. To make the tassels wrap your yarn around a dvd case approximately 50 times. Cut off the remaining thread.

8. Gently ease the wrapped yarn off the case and slip onto a pencil, making sure to be extra careful that it doesn’t unravel.

9. Wrap a small amount of yarn around the tassel close to the pencil, and secure with a double knot.

10. Thread the tassel onto a length of yarn (through the smaller of the ‘loops’), again securing the thread in place with a double knot.

11. Cut through the bottom of the larger loop and then trim to the desired length, making sure that all of the strands are nice and level.

12. Repeat steps seven to 11 to make three more tassels,so that you have four in total.

13. To attach each of the tassels pass the loose ends of the yarn threaded though the tassel in step 10 through a large eyed needle and then secure one tassel to each corner of the cushion.

14. Secure in place on the inside of the cushion cover.

15. Insert the cushion pad.

How to Make a Stag Silhouette Cushion #sewing #cushion #christmas

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