How to Make a ‘Snow’ Stag Christmas Card

Got lots of family and friends to make cards for this Christmas? This gorgeous Stag card is a great one to get you started. Not only does it look lovely but it’s super quick to make, no matter what your ability!

Put a few hours aside after work every week or several Sunday mornings to indulge in some Christmas craft, and your cards will be ready in no time at all!

Project with thanks to Suzie Attaway

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Measure and cut a 13.5 centimetre by 10.5 centimetre piece of tree patterned paper and a 13.5 centimetre by 3 centimetre  piece of snowflake paper and stick to the square white card.

2. Measure and cut a 13.5 centimetre length of blue glitter sticky ribbon and stick across the card where the two patterned papers meet.

3. Cut a 6 centimetre piece of twine and tie around the neck of a wooden reindeer embellishment. Trim the ends of the twine and then glue the reindeer to the card.

4. Add some wooden snowflake embellishments to the card with glue.

How to Make a 'Snow' Stag Christmas Card #christmas #cardmaking

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