How to Make Sequin Sandals

How to Make Sequin Sandals #Fashion #Summer #Sewing

I love it when the sun comes out, it instantly makes me want to banish my woolly jumpers and coats to the wardrobe and rediscover my spring/summer clothes!

For 2015 it’s all about gem embellishments, whether they be around the neckline of a t-shirt, or a clutch bag completely covered in them! Statement embellished sandals in particular are all over the High Street, available in an array of colours and finishes!

Never one to miss out on a trend and update my wardrobe at the same time, I decided to jazz up a pair of plain sandals with some lovely champagne gold sew on sequins.

How to Make Sequin Sandals

Suitable for : Beginners

You will need

How to Make Sequin Sandals #Fashion #Summer #Sewing

How to make

1. Start by choosing your sew on sequins, and position centrally on the area you would like to cover in the sequins.

2. Using invisible thread with a knot in the end, secure the sequin in place with a single stitch.

Top Tip!

Depending on the thickness of the material that you are stitching through, you may need to use a thimble to help push the needle through to protect your finger.

3. Continue to stitch on the sequins until the area is completely covered.

Top Tip!

As I decided to overlap my sequins for a fuller appearance, I started sewing the bottom row of sequins on first and then worked my way up to the top.

How to Make Sequin Sandals #Fashion #Summer #Sewing

4. Secure the end of the thread with a knot and snip of any excess with a pair of scissors.

How to Make Sequin Sandals #Fashion #Summer #Sewing

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