How to Make a Ribbon Bow Cushion

Make a simple bow cushion that looks really effective – all you need is fabric and ribbon! This project uses a basic envelope style cushion, which is ideal for beginners, and you can personalise it with your own choice of fabric and ribbon colour.


You Will Need How to Make

1. Cut out the cushion panels, I used the envelope cushion method, but you could use whichever method you prefer. For the front panel I used a complimentary patterned fabric.

2. Mark the centre points along one pair of opposite sides on the front panel using a chalk pencil.

3. Cut a length of ribbon the width of the front panel.

4. Use Bondaweb to secure the ribbon in place centrally.

5. Mark the centre points along all the remaining opposite sides of the cushion using a chalk pencil.

6. Cut two additional lengths of ribbon, mine were roughly 55 centimetres in length, but the length you need will depend on the size of the cushion you are marking, as a general rule use one and half times the width/height of your cushion pad, you can always cut off any excess after you’ve tied the bow.

7. Pin all of the panels together so that the cover is inside out and the right sides are facing each other.

8. Insert both ribbons centrally between the front and back panel on each side of the cushion, making sure that the loose ends are facing inwards inside the cushion cover so that they don’t get in the way when you are sewing the cushion together.

9. Use a running stitch on your sewing machine to sew a one centimetre seam all the way around the edge.

10. Once complete turn the cushion cover right side out, and insert the cushion pad.

11. Tie the two loose ends of ribbon into a bow.

12. Take a five centimetre length of ribbon and cover the back with double sided tape, wrap the ribbon around the central part of the bow to give a nice clean finish.

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