How to Make a Potato Print Stocking

Why should our furry friends miss out at Christmas? Give your pet a festive treat with this simple stamped linen stocking. It’s easy to make with a little fabric paint and a bit of potato stamping.

Create a simple silhouette of your pet, personalise it by appliquéing on their name and then fill it with lots of special yummy/squeaky treats!

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Potato
  • Knife
How to Make

1. Begin by cutting your potato in half to create the stamp. Draw the image you want for the stamp on a sheet of paper. If you like you can print an image or trace one out, just as long as it is a simple silhouette and small enough to fit your potato. Cut the image out.

How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

2. Place the picture on the cut side of the potato. Use a sharp pencil to draw around it, pressing down slightly to leave a groove. Remove the image then use a knife to gently cut around the grooves to a thickness of about 5 millimetres. Slice away the potato surrounding the image.

How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

 How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

3. Place folded newspaper into the stocking to prevent paint seeping through to the other side. Paint the stamp with fabric paint using a paintbrush – you could dip it into the paint but it is likely you will get a messier finish.

Test the stamp on a piece of scrap fabric (or paper) first to check you are happy with how it comes out. Then gently and firmly press the stamp on the stocking. Touch up any gaps or mistakes with the brush.

How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

4. Cut a small triangle on the potato as above and stamp with red paint to create a dinky little hat. Use white paint to add a trim and bobble with a fine brush.

How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

5. To make the appliqué felt name along the top, cut letters from red felt – for a neater finish print the name out as a template, scaled to fit along the top of the stocking. Pin the letters in place then carefully stitch in place.

How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

5. For the tree, cut two tree shapes from green felt. Glue a loop of twine onto the top of one of the pieces.Then stitch all the way around. Glue bauble buttons onto the tree.. For a final touch, sew a little jingle bell on the stocking just under the loop.

stamped pet stocking  How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

The finished stocking . . .

How to Make a Potato Print Stocking #Christmas #Stocking #PotatoPrint

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