How to Make a Pom Pom Turtle

How to Make a Pom Pom Turtle #PomPom #Turtle

This exceptionally cute pom pom turtle is not only great for keeping the kids entertained, but would make a great project for grown ups too; why not try making your own poms and using different coloured yarns/wools for something a little bit different? Let’s get making!

Time to make : 45 minutes, plus drying time

Suitable for : Beginners

You Will Need How to Make
  • Cut a green foam circle big enough for all your pom poms.
  • Make a shell by gluing 8 green pom poms onto your circle.
  • Add a yellow pom pom for the head and glue on wiggly eyes.
  • Cut flipper shapes from the green felt, glue on and go explore the ocean!

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