How to Make a Pleated Ribbon Valentines Card

How to Make a Pleated Valentines Card #Valentines #CardMaking #CraftChallenge

Only eight days to go and counting until Valentines day is here, still plenty of time to get your craft supplies out and make a Valentines card.

To get those creative juices going, we gave five super talented makers the challenge to create their own card using a selection of product, as well as a few extra bits from their own craft stash.

In our fifth and final installment, papercrafter Alex Jardine shows us how he has made his pleated ribbon Valentines card.

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Craft Challenge! Valentines Card Making #Valentines #CardsMaking #CraftChallenge

1. Trim the three sheets of patterned paper so that each is the same size as the folded card blank.

2. Cut a large heart shaped window into the centre of one of the papers. Cut a larger heart into one of the other sheets, so that a border pattern is visible when one sheet is laid over the other.

3. Using the smaller heart as a stencil, trace its outline onto the third piece of paper with a pencil.

Completely cover the pencil-drawn heart with vertical strips of double-sided tape. The strips should be no more than one to two millimetres apart, and one of them should run exactly down the centre of the heart.

4. Cut 50 centimetres of ribbon, and carefully begin to lay it along the central tape strip. Once you’ve reached the inside of the heart outline, begin to bunch the tape up to form pleats – first fold up and away from the tape, then fold back again leaving a loop of 10 to 15 millimetres. Allow a few millimetres of ribbon to come in contact with the tape, and then fold up again. Repeat until you’ve reached the other side of the heart.

5. Create more ribbon pleats along the rest of the tape strips. At each end, leave a few centimetres of ribbon stuck flat against the paper.

6. Lay the smaller heart window over your pleated ribbon heart, so that all the loops poke through and all the ends are covered. Fix in place using foam pads.

7. Decorate the remaining paper sheets with a ribbon border and any other embellishments you desire. When you’re ready, fix it over the top of the other sheets so that all of the hearts line up.

8. Finally, use double sided tape to fix the completed design onto the front of your card blank.

How to Make a Pleated Valentines Card #Valentines #CardMaking #CraftChallenge

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