How to Make a Personalised Pom Pom Stocking

How to Make an Initial Pompom Stocking #christmas #stocking

Make sure Father Christmas knows who’s who with this fab Initial pom pom stocking. Complete with fancy poms and jingling bells, you’ll be good to go for Christmas Eve.

These stockings are really simple to make for any ability, so a great one to get the kids involved with.

How to Make a Personalised Pom Pom Stocking

Suitable for : Beginners

Time to Make : Two hours

You Will Need

How to Make

1. Start by cutting out your chosen initial onto the white felt sheet, I used a pencil to lightly sketch out mine before cutting it out.

2. Pin the initial to the stocking and use a blanket stitch around the edge to secure it to the stocking.

3. Secure pompoms to your stocking using tacky glue, leave to dry.

4. Using the yarn make two pompoms using both sizes of pompom maker. For a slightly different look I included two colours in one of my poms. 

Top Tip…

5. Plait the tail threads of the poms and tie in a bow on the hanging loop of the stocking.

6. Secure the bells to the stocking by using some of the yarn.

How to Make a Personalised Pom Pom Stocking #Christmas #stocking #PomPom

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