How to Make a Paper Pirate Hat

How to make a Paper Pirate Bonnet #Easter #EasterBonnet

When you’re a child Easter is about two things; Easter eggs and who has the best Easter bonnet! Make sure you’ve got the most handsome headware this Spring with this wonderful pirate hat, complete with ship and gold treasure coins. You can customise the boat by using whatever colour of paints that you like, or if you wanted to be really experimental you could even use glitter glue to add some extra sparkle.

– Adult help and supervision will be needed throughout this make.

How to by Hannah Read-Baldrey

Suitable for : Beginners
Time to make : One and a half hours

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Decorate your boat using the acrylic paint, have fun coming up with pirate-y colours and patterns, at this stage keep the base on the boat, as it is easier for it to dry on a stand.

2. To make the waves on the rim of the hat, take your piece of sea blue A4 card, fold in half along the longest side and cut down the middle. At the top of each side cut wave shapes.

3. Take your lighter piece of card, fold down the longest length and then again to make a quarter. Cut out two strips and repeat wave shapes at the top. First attach the sea blue card strips using a stapler, overlapping the edges. Then repeat over the top with the paler blue.

Top Tip!

If you don’t have a stapler you could always use a glue gun to secure the waves to the hat.

4. Once the boat is dry, cut away the wooden sticks at the base as close as you can to the bottom of the boat. Using a glue gun, run a line of glue along the bottom of the boat and attach to the hat facing forwards. Hold in place for a few seconds whilst the glue cools.

5. Finish by decorating the rim of the hat with the pirate treasure coins. You can also use these to cover up any staples. Any remaining treasure can be attached under the boat.

6. Decorate boat with mini bunting.

How to make a Paper Pirate Bonnet #Easter #EasterBonnet

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