How to Make Marbled Heart Decorations

How to Make Marbled Heart Decorations #marbling #Valentines

Marbling has always been something that I’ve wanted to try, but always thought it to be too messy and complicated. After a quick look on Pinterest at all of the amazing things you can achieve with marbling I decided to give it a go.

Traditionally marbling is used on papers (you may have seen pretty marbled wrapping paper whilst out and about), but as Valentine’s is just around the corner I thought I’d give it a go on some polystyrene hearts and make some decorations to hang around the house. Here’s how I got on . . .

How to Make Marbled Heart Decorations

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1. Start by filling a large container with water.

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2. Put on your rubber gloves and select the coloured ink you would like to start with. Place a few drops of the ink in the water and use the pointed end of the kebab skewer to ‘swirl’ the ink to create a pattern. If you are using more than one colour add this in next, and follow the same process of swirling the ink with the skewer.

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3. Once you have added in all of the inks and are satisfied with your pattern, insert a kebab skewer three quarters of the way through the heart, and then slowly place into the liquid until it is fully submerged.

4. Quickly remove the heart and leave to dry upright in an old glass or jar.

5. Once dry remove the skewer from the heart.

6. Cut a 10cm length of twine, fold in half and tie a knot in the end. Place a pearl head pin through the knot and then push into the centre top of the heart. Your heart is now ready to hang.

7. To remove the excess ink film, place a piece of paper on top of the film and then remove.

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How to Make Marbled Heart Decorations #marbling #Valentines

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