How to Make a Mache Memory Box

Make this Mother’s Day special by giving the gift of precious memories!  A unique, personalised memory box to help preserve and remember all of those precious moments with your mum is the perfect present. Our homes are filled with objects that hold personal meanings, why not create a box especially for them to go into?


You Will Need


(If you don’t have a die cutting machine, you could always try using ready made shapes and luggage tags to decorate your memory box with)

Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start off by painting your mache box with your chosen colour. Once your first layer of paint has dried properly, apply a second coat to build up the colour.

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2. When using the Sizzix Big Shot die machine, there are so many different shapes you can cut out and what you can do with these shapes are limitless. For this project, Xcut’s mini dies were used to create decorations for the memory box.

Place the Big Shot platform and one of the cutting pads onto the Sizzix, place a magnetic sheet on the cutting pad and then place your dies on top of this. As the dies are metal, they will stick to the magnetic sheet so you won’t need to worry about them sliding off! Then place your paper on top of your dies, making sure your paper is right side down and your dies are facing right side up so that you can see the blades (otherwise you will be cutting out the magnetic sheet). Put the other cutting pad on top of your paper and then roll everything through the machine.

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Top Tip…When cutting out your shapes on the die machine, make sure to remove any left over pieces of paper from your die! You can do this using a pokey tool, or you could even use a pin or sewing needle. It is important to remove anything left on your die because it could distort the next piece of paper/ material you want to cut out.

3. Now to decorate your box with the shapes you have created! Before sticking anything down, play around with the composition of the pieces your decorating the memory box with. You could create a pattern or randomly stick things down. It all depends on the look your going for. Make sure to leave a gap in the middle so that you can paint or write something personal on your memory box, this could be anything from ‘mum’ to a poem.

Top Tip…Use the shapes you have created on both the box and lid. This will create a connection between the box and lid through the pattern as well as help the overall look of your memory box.


4. Draw or stencil out your design for the middle before using any paint, or anything permanent. This will give you a great guide to follow!

5. Decorate your lid further. Using flowers is a meaningful way of expressing love and care for a loved one. Glue on the flowers using a glue gun to create a border around middle area of your lid, this will help to emphasize what you have painted or written.

6. Another great way of decorating your memory box is with the use of ribbons. You can use ribbons to decorate the outside of your box or you could even use it to create a picture ribbon board on the inside of your lid! Not only does this add extra detail, but it also creates compartment space for photographs, postcards and much more.
To do this, all you need is 6 pieces of ribbon and a glue gun. Measurements for the ribbon will depend on the size of your box, so lay your ribbon flat on the surface of your lid and make sure it is able to reach corner to corner or side to side. Create a criss crossing pattern where each ribbon is going diagonally across the lid and then glue in place.

All that is left to do now is fill your memory box with all your precious moments and possessions!


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