How to Make Gold Leaf Mache Mum Letters

Show your Mum how much she matters by making her these beautiful gold leaf mache Mum decorations. It’s so easy to make these letters shine bright with a little help from some gilding paste and gold leaf flakes. What colours would you paint yours?

You Will Need How to Make
  1. Paint the top of the letters in the paint colours of your choice.

Top Tip! You will need to do lots of layers of paint.2423

2. Apply gilding paste to the unpainted parts of the letters and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Tip the gold flakes into a bowl and dip the letters into the flakes, also using your hands to make sure that the flakes completely cover where you have applied the gilding paste.30

3. Use a soft brush to brush away the excess flakes. If there are noticeable gaps, apply the gilding paste and more flakes to fill in the gaps.

4. When completely dry, buff with a soft cloth.41


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