How to Make Gift Wrap Bunting

How to Make Gift Wrap Bunting #bunting

Personalise your gifts with some simple bunting using adhesives tapes. I’ve used three different patterned Duck Tapes to make my bunting flags, but you could use washi tape, or any other decorative tape that you might have lying around.

The flag bunting is really quick and easy to do, you could even write out the lucky recipients name on the flags (one letter per flag) on the front of the gift for an extra personal touch.

How to Make Gift Wrap Bunting

Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: 45 minutes

You will need

How to make

  1. Start by cutting an eight centimetre length of tape and fold in half so that the sticky halves stick to one another. If your tape is quite wide (2.5 centimetres and above) cut the strip in half along the short edge, so that you end up with two long rectangular strips.
  2. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut a ‘v’ shape along the bottom of the rectangle. You now have one flag for your bunting.

How to Make Gift Wrap Bunting #bunting

3. Repeat step one and two to create more bunting flags.

4. To work out how many bunting flags you need to make, wrap the twine around the gift that is going to have the flag bunting going around it and cut to the correct length. Make sure to include a few extra centimetres to allow the twine to be secured in place on the back of your gift.

5. Using a glue gun (NB make sure to be extra careful as the glue is hot!) attach the bunting flags to the twine, leaving a gap of roughly one centimetre between each flag.

6. Once you have finished applying the flags leave to dry.

7. Wrap the length of bunting flag twine around your gift and secure on the back with a bow or a knot. This can then be concealed with another flag positioned over the knot to keep it hidden from view.

How to Make Gift Wrap Bunting #bunting

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