How to Make Ghost Finger Puppets

How to Make Ghost Finger Puppets #ghost #halloween

Get ready for Halloween with these spooky ghost finger puppets, all you need are a few sheets of felt, scissors, some glue and a needle and thread! Alternatively you could use a felt tip pen to draw on the mouth and any other features that you like. Let’s get making!

How to Make Ghost Finger Puppets

Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: 30 minutes plus drying time to make one ghost

You will need

How to make

  1. Start by cutting two identical ghost shapes out of white felt (one will be the back, and the other the front).
  2. Cut two oval shapes out of black felt and position on the front of your ghost and stick in place using tacky glue. Alternatively, you could use cream thread and a needle to stitch the eyes in place.
  3. Using black thread and a needle (adult help/supervision will be needed here), or if you prefer a black pen, stitch or draw the ghost’s mouth.
  4. Lay the back piece of your felt puppet on top of the table and run a line of tacky glue around the edge (make sure to leave a gap at the bottom to allow space for your fingers!). Place the front of your puppet on top, lining the front and back up so that there are no overlapping areas.
  5. Leave to dry.

How to Make Ghost Finger Puppets #ghost #halloween

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