How to Make a Flower Bouquet Card

How to Make a Flower Bouquet Card #CardMaking #MothersDay

Spring is well on its way, and what better way to welcome in the warmer and brighter weather (fingers crossed!), than with a pretty floral card. I’ve made three stems for my bouquet card, but you could make as many as you like.

Why not try alternating the order in which you layer the felt and foam petals for a slightly different look, or you could even use buttons in the centre of each of your petals. The possibilities are endless!

How to Make a Flower Bouquet Card

Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: 45 minutes plus drying time

You will need

How to make

  1. Start by cutting out three circles of the same size from the felt sheets. Then cut triangular slits evenly around the edge of the circle, making sure to stop just before you reach the centre of the circle.
  2. Cut three smaller circles from the foam sheets, again cutting triangular slits evenly around the edge of the circle, stopping a few millimetres before reaching the centre.
  3. Stick the foam petal centrally on top of the felt petal using tacky glue, and leave to dry.
  4. Cut three lengths of green card approximately one centimetre in width and 18 centimetres in length.
  5. Stick one end of each of the green strips to the back of the flower head and leave to dry.
  6. Cut leaf shapes from the green card. Use a pencil or pair of scissors to slightly curl the leaves.
  7. Next run a line of glitter glue down the centre of the leaf and leave to dry.
  8. Cut a ‘pot’ or ‘vase’ shape from the foam sheet, making sure that it’s big enough to to fit all of your flowers in.
  9. Using glitter glue add some detailing to the pot and then leave to dry.
  10. Position the flowers on the card blank, securing in place with a blob of tacky glue on the back of the felt flower head and card stem.
  11. Stick the flower pot/vase over the bottom of the flower stems, and secure the leaves in position. Leave to dry.
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How to Make a Flower Bouquet Card #CardMaking #MothersDay

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