How to Make a Floral Gift Box

Brighten up Mother’s Day this year by creating these fabulous floral gift boxes that you can fill with wonderful goodies and treats. Every mum deserves the best, so why not put a little extra time into making her Mother’s Day presents extra special?

All you’ll need is a simple mache box, a selection of paint and flowers  as well as a few extra bits (which are all listed below). This project is great for all ages and can be achieved in an afternoon or evening.

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Start by painting the surface of the entire box and lid with a thin coat. Leave to completely dry and if needed, paint a second or third coat.

2. Taking a thin paint brush and gold paint, paint an outline around the edge of the lid. If you want the gold to look more prominent, all you have to do it paint it on thicker.

3. Now that the box has been painted, you can now start to use the flowers as well as a hot glue gun.
Before sticking anything down to the box, try out different compositions with the flowers. Its always best to see what the outcome will look like before making anything permanent.

4. All that is left to do now is to fill your floral gift box with lots of goodies for your mum!
Why not use a mixture of pretty coloured tissue paper, glitter and confetti to add a bit of luxury to the overall look?

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