How to Make a Fascinator with Flowers

How to Make a Fascinator with Flowers #Wedding #Bridal #DIY

Wearing flowers in your hair is worry-free when you go for artificial ones. There are lots of advantages to opting for artificial flowers; there’s no need to worry about the flowers wilting on the day, or if they’ll be in season when you have your wedding, and you can also keep them for years to come afterwards.

There an abundance of artificial flowers on the market to choose from that look just like the real thing, large or small you name it, you’ll probably be able to find it, or you could have a go at making your own. . .

How to by Interiors Stylist and Writer, Joanna Thornhill.

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  • Use your scissors to remove the stem from the ranunculus (you might need to bend the internal wire after cutting through the plastic coating, until it snaps off) and pull the hydrangea apart until you are left with a selection of smaller individual flowers in small stem groupings
  • Take the ranunculus and position it on the cap. Take a needle and thread and secure the flower in place with several stitches through each of the outermost petals, ensuring the stitches are hidden by the petals above
  • Working systematically across the remainder of the cap, place one group of hydrangea flowers in a corner and secure into place with stitches over their stem. Continue to add these small groups across the cap until it’s completely covered, again ensuring any stitching is covered by the flowers.
  • Take your rectangular piece of netting and fold it in half widthways. Using your pinking shears, generously round off the corner where the two ends meet, then continue cutting straight along the top until you reach the fold.
  • Open out the fabric – it should be long and straight along the bottom, with the top slightly narrower with tapered corners.
  • Take the long, straight edge of the fabric and roughly fold it up, concertina-style, with folds roughly every three centimetres.
  • Secure in place at the top with several running stitches, then turn the fascinator upside down and run a few more stitches over the same point, and through the cap, underneath the ranunculus, to secure the veil into place (you might want to look in a mirror to make sure you’re happy with the positioning of the veil before sewing it down). Manipulate the fabric with your hands to get it to sit in a semi-domed shape over the top half of your face
  • Fix into your hair using a method appropriate to your hair type and style – hair grips can be used to fit the fascinator to your hair as-is, or you may prefer to sew in a hair comb or hat elastic ahead of time.

 Top tip…For added glitz, play around with sewing on some beads, sequins or feathers.

How to Make a Fascinator with Flowers #Wedding #Bridal #DIY



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