How to Make an Envelope Wedding Guestbook

How to Make an Envelope Wedding Guestbook #scrapbook #papercraft #wedding #guestbook #diy

Create a wedding guestbook with a difference by using a selection of cardstock, a handful of embellishments and a glue gun.

This envelope guestbook may look complicated but it’s incredibly easy to create, meaning you can have your guest book ticked off your to-do list in next to no time at all.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by cutting out different sizes of envelope from cardstock. There are lots of different templates available online, simply print, cut out and draw onto your cardstock. Alternatively, if you have a Cricut Explore Air select the below template and adjust the size accordingly so that you have a total of eight envelopes covering one side of your 12 x 12″ spread.



2. Score along the designated lines so that the envelope can be folded up. Secure with a small amount of glue using a glue gun.

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2. Cover your scrapbook page in your choice of cardstock securing in place with double sided tape.

3. Position the envelopes onto your page, once happy use a glue gun to adhere.

4. Add buttons and embellishments to keep the envelopes closed.

Top Tip!

A glue dot secured on the inside of the envelope flap acts as a great temporary fix for holding the flaps in place.

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5. Cover the facing page (left hand page) in the same cardstock.

6. Cut ‘Mr + Mrs’ greeting from gold glitter cardstock and secure centrally two thirds of the way down the page.

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7. Position paper flowers around the ‘Mr + Mrs’ greeting. Use a sparing amount of tacky glue to keep them nice and secure.

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8. In joined up handwriting write your message using a felt pen. If your handwriting isn’t quite up to scratch  print out your greeting in your favourite font, go over it with tracing paper and then trace the writing onto the page, then go over it with pen.

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