How to Make Elf Cards and Papercrafts

Christmas wouldn’t be possible without hard-working elves, so why not create these fun elf cards and papercrafts, courtesy of Crafts Beautiful magazine? The greetings are a whimsical way to say ‘Merry Christmas’, while the mince pie toppers and candy cane holders encourage a festive feast!

Designer : Helen Fitzjohn

You Will Need How to Make

1. Create a blank from white card, 15 centimetre square. Trim patterned paper, 14 centimetres square. Fix a length of festive ribbon along the bottom and tape to the reverse of the patterned square. Position onto the card front as shown.

2. Download and print the elf and sign templates onto thin white card. Colour in the motifs using ProMarker pens in red and green. Use the other colours to add shadowing and fill in the features following our photo as a guide. Cut out the elf motif, a red circle and the sign. Arrange on the card front using foam pads to add some height.

3. Stamp mini snowflakes onto red and green card using a white ink-pad. Sprinkle with powder and hot emboss. Carefully cut out the circles and fix to the main card with foam pads. Finish with dots of white applied using a Posca pen.

How to Make Elf Cards and Papercrafts #Papercraft #CraftsBeautiful #Christmas #CardMaking
Create a Long Elf Card

1. Use the template provided to make a long red base card. Attach a strip of patterned paper, top and bottom. Trim a red panel, seven centimetres by 22 centimetres, for the front.

2. Make your own embossing template: take a scrap piece of mountboard and punch holes through it. Place on a light box and pop the red card on top. You should be able to see the holes through it. Use an embossing tool on the spots. Punch holes in the panel and thread green ribbon through. Add an elf, sign and snowflake circles as before.

How to Make Elf Cards and Papercrafts #Papercraft #CraftsBeautiful #Christmas #CardMaking

Make Party Picks

1. Print out and colour the mini elves. Paint the top of the bamboo sticks black and stick Christmas messages to the front. You can decorate the sticks with strips, but leave the point that goes into the mince pie unpainted. Glue the elves onto the sticks.

How to Make Elf Cards and Papercrafts #Papercraft #CraftsBeautiful #Christmas

Form Candy Cane Holders

1. Cut a strip of mountboard, seven centimetres by 18 centimetres. Measure down 15 centimetres, score across, then measure another 1.5 centimetres and score. Fold up to create the back board for the candy cane elf.

2. Print out two copies of the templates, one on thin white card, the other on paper. Use the paper version for the Happy Christmas sentiment and fix along the bottom using a glue stick. Paper is easier to use as you can fold the excess under and glue it in place. Decorate and cut out the elf and elf name from the second copy printed onto cardstock.

3. Add embossed snowflakes to the back board, glue on the elf and make two small holes either side of the candy cane. String through clear thread or twine and tie at the back to keep the candy cane in place. Glue a small rectangle of mountboard to the right of the base of the back board; this will act as a little step.

4. Take the elf’s arm and tape to the candy cane so he/she looks like they are holding it. Punch holes in the top of the back board and thread with a name and twine.

How to Make Elf Cards and Papercrafts #Papercraft #CraftsBeautiful #Christmas

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