How to Make an Egg Headband

How to Make an Egg Headband #egg #headband #easter #alternative #bonnet #kids #craft

Fancy yourself to be quite the egghead? Well, time to get making. Headbands are the perfect alternative for any little one who’s not such a fan of bonnets. They’re simple to make and comfy to wear – and with this one, you’ll look the part at any Easter celebrations.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cut a 5cm wide strip from the blue foam sheet. Make the strip almost as long as the circumference of the child’s head. Glue a length of ribbon all the way along the foam strip, leaving 20cm length at either end. This will be used to tie the headband securely around the child’s head.

2. Cut two large eggs and one small egg in half length ways. Paint with two shades of blue acrylic paint. Allow to dry and repeat with a second coat of paint.


3. Position and glue three large white feathers to the centre of the headband. Use pegs to hold the feathers in place whilst the glue dries.


4. Repeat step 3, adding on smaller white feathers and fluffy blue feathers.

5. Whilst the glue is drying for the feathers, decorate the eggs. Cut narrow strips of white foam and glue around two large eggs. Decorate the remaining eggs with mini white pom poms.

6. Arrange the eggs over the top of the feather ends. When you are happy with the position, glue in place.


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