How to Make Egg Box Easter Chicks

How to Make Egg Box Easter Chicks #Easter #KidsMaking

How adorable are these little egg box Easter chicks?  These make a great afternoon project if you and the kids are stumped for something to do.

The body of the chick is made from a cut up egg box, which you may find you already have at home. Plain brown cartons work best when making these cute Easter chicks, however if you’ve got a coloured box (i.e. green) it may be worth painting the box white before starting, just to make sure none of the colour shows through.

How to Make Egg Box Easter Chicks

Suitable for – Beginners

Time to make – 30 minutes per animal

You will need

How to make

  1. Attach two segments of the egg box together as above and paint yellow or white.
  2. Cut a diamond shape from the orange felt, fold in half and glue along the fold onto the centre of the chick.
  3. For the legs, use yellow pipe cleaners. Bend them in half and fold to make three toes at the front. Twist the two ends together then fold and cut to size. Use a pair of sharp scissors to make two small holes in the base of the carton and poke the leg through.
  4. Cut two wing shapes from the remaining egg box, paint to match the body of your chick and attach to its sides.
  5. Poke another hole in the top of the head and insert a feather to create a neat little tuft.
  6. Finally, draw on eyes.

How to Make Egg Box Easter Chicks #Easter #KidsMaking

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