How to Make Easter Egg Cookies

How to Make Easter Egg Cookies #Easter #cookies #baking

These ornate Easter eggs, and adorable chick cookies are the perfect project for a beginner. They may look tricky, but with a few expertly placed shimmer pearls and carefully applied icing you to can create something beautiful. You’ll be so proud of your handiwork you won’t want to eat them!

All you need are a few essential pieces of kit, and few colours of ready roll icing and you’ll be off . . .

How to by Debbie Thorne

Suitable for – Beginners

Decorating time – Two hours

You will need  How to make

1. Allow the cookies to cool completely before decorating.

2. Roll the icing to a half centimetre thickness and cut egg shapes using a cookie cutter.

Top Tip!…Lightly dust the work surface with icing sugar or corn flour to prevent sticking.

3. Moisten the reverse of the shape with a small amount of water (be sparing!) and apply to the cookie. Run a dry finger around the edge of the icing to ‘polish’ it into a rounded shape.

4. Decorate as required. Add a white ‘shell’ and writing icing features for the chick, or press in sugar pearls and add coloured writing icing dots for the patterned cookies.

Top Top!…Use a dot of writing icing to attach sugar flowers.

How to Make Easter Egg Cookies #Easter #cookies #baking

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