How to Make an Easter Chick Scene

This perfect pre-Easter chick scene project will produce some truly eggcelent decoration for the Easter hunt festivities ahead! Use foam shapes to transform your ceramic egg blanks into chirpy chicks. This fab ceramic egg kit comes with a paintbrush and a set of paints to get you started, and why not browse our Easter range to find toppers of your choice.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Paint the base of the egg box green using the ready mixed paints.17
  2. Paint one of the ceramic eggs blue and one orange using the paints that came with the set.
  3. Top Tip! use something like a key ring to stand the eggs on while they are drying.
  4. Paint the top of the egg box blue on the inside and green on the outside.
  5. For the top of the eggs:  Draw a little ‘hand shape’ for the chicken’s comb (the bit that goes on top of the head). You will need two of these exactly the same. Glue them together over the top of the wire at the top of the egg (that is there for hanging the egg). If you find it hard to draw the comb, there is an alternative shown: Cut out little long pieces of Fab Foam and stick them to the wire at the top of the egg.2022
  6. Either hand draw the wing shapes or draw around something circular, cut out and cut into two semi circles. Glue onto the egg.18
  7. For the feet: cut across the corners of the Fab Foam to make two triangles and then cut toes into these. Apply to the bottom of the egg.21
  8. Cut a little beak from the Fab Foam and stick this on with two googly eyes.19
  9. Fill the egg box with shredded paper. Add eggs and chicks.
  10. Top Tip! You may need to glue some of the chicks in place.


Cut a sun out of Fab Foam, and some sun rays and glue into place.3940


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