How to Make an Easter Blooms Bonnet

How to Make an Easter Blooms Bonnet #bonnet #easter #kids #craft

This easy Easter bonnet is great to do with kids. The bonnet is covered in flowers that are snipped from card and easily attached to the hat using double-sided tape.

Skill Level: Beginners

Time to make : One and a half hours

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. To make a daffodil, cut two flower shapes out of pale yellow card and a 7 cm x 2.5 cm rectangle from bright yellow card. Glue the two flowers together at an angle. Cut small snips into the bright yellow rectangle then roll it up. Glue in place into the centre of the flower. Repeat to make five daffodils.



2. To make an Aster, cut a 6 cm strip from the length of a piece of A4 pink coloured card. Cut snips all the way along the length (about 5 mm apart, three quarters of the way down). You can fold the strip roughly into thirds to make this quicker. Tightly roll up the card and sellotape in place. Open out the petals and glue a little green card around the base. Repeat to make four Asters.


3. Cut smaller simple flowers from different coloured pastel card, glue in pairs (at an angle) and then glue a button into the centre.


4. Wrap two strips of double-sided tape around the hat, peel away the back and attach all the flowers spacing them around the hat. Fill the gaps up with pom poms, buttons and Easter chicks.

5. Stick the felt stick on butterflies onto the top of the pipe cleaners and push the other ends through the rim of the hat. Adjust so that the butterflies are at your preferred height, fold inside the hat, cut off the excess and tape down with masking tape to secure and cover over the sharp ends.

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How to Make an Easter Blooms Bonnet #bonnet #easter #kids #craft

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