Make Your Own Cuddly Fabric Bunnies!

Make Your Own Cuddly Fabric Bunnies! #diy #easter #bunnyrabbits

Hello! We are Tia and Laura from Little Button Diaries, a blog about crafting baking and babies. We are thrilled to have joined the Hobbycraft team and are looking forward to coming up with lots of exciting crafts to share with you. As it’s Easter, our first project is a cuddly fabric bunny.

We really enjoyed making these bunnies, coming up with the pattern ourselves and seeing our children’s faces when we gave them to them. The soft fabric, rattle and detachable carrot makes this toy irresistibly huggable. We really hope you like them too!

Time needed: About 3 hours

Skill level: Intermediate

You Will Need
How To Make

1. Using a paper template (see the one we created in the image below for a guide) cut your fabric allowing a 1cm seam allowance.. From the cord cut 2 x body pieces, 4 x arm, 2 x foot and 2 x ear pieces. From the coordinating fabric cut 2 x foot and 2 x ear pieces.

bunny 16

2. Sew the ear and feet coordinating pieces right sides together, allowing a space at the bottom to turn out. Snip the curved edges and turn right sides out. Sew the arms together in the same way and lightly stuff. Place the ears flat, front sides up. Fold the outsides in to meet in the middle and pin an inch up from the bottom. Sew along the pin to secure.

bunny 6 bunny 1

3. Take the front body piece and place it right side up. Pin the ears to the top of the body, facing downwards. Pin the arms on the sides facing inwards (see picture). Place the back body piece, right side down, on top and sew from one bottom corner to the other. Next, leaving a two-inch gap in the centre for stuffing, sew along the bottom. You should now have two holes in each corner. Press these together along the lines and sew to form boxed corners.

bunny 2 bunny 9

4. Turn out and press. Stuff the toy and add the bells. Fold the bottom seams in and slip stitch in place.

bunny 11 bunny 12

5. Fold the arms of the bunny in and sew to the tummy, leaving a gap big enough to fit your thumb.

bunny 15

6. To make the carrot, cut out a triangle in orange fabric. Fold in half and sew together. Turn inside out and stuff.

bunny 8 bunny 10

7. Gather the top of the carrot and tack 5mm from the top with orange thread. Pull the thread together to close the top and secure in place. Cut a strip of felt and snip it to look like a carrot top. wrap this around the carrot and stitch with the green thread.

bunny 13 bunny 14

8. Hand stitch the feet to the bottom of the bunny so they peak out at the front.

bunny 20

9. Using disappearing ink if you have it, draw a face onto the bunny. Embroider the face in black embroidery thread using back-stitch, with a bit of pink for his little button nose.

bunny 19

10) Finally, hand stitch the pom pom in place on the back of the bunny (or use superglue if you’re getting tired by this point!)

bunny 18 bunny 17

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Tia & Laura x


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