How to Make a Clay Weaving Loom

You can create pretty much anything out of air drying clay! Here, learn how to create a gorgeous clay loom, that would make a perfect home decoration, and the perfect gift! Make intricate weaves using embroidery floss – which colours would you choose?

You Will Need Craft Essentials

Skewer or Paintbrush

Scissors »

Large Needle »

How to Make

Step-by-step guide

1. Roll out air drying clay onto a non-stick surface until 1.5cm thick.

2. Use the largest cookie cutter to cut a large circle out of the clay.

3. Use a the second smallest cookie cutter to cut a smaller circle out ofthe centre of the other.

4. Use the skewer to put holes 1cm around the exterior of the smaller circle.

5. Leave to dry overnight.

6. Paint the dried clay white using acrylic paints.

7. Once dry, paint the clay a combination of colours and patterns of your choosing.

8. Once dry, thread the yarn through the holes in a criss-cross pattern and tie off at end to secure.

9. Thread your large needle, and begin to thread from the centre of the weaving, weaving in and out of the yarn.

10. To change colour, simply tie the two differently coloured threads together and keep on weaving!

11. Tie off the weaving, and your new decoration will be complete!

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