How to Make Christmas Chocolate Blocks

If you’re after a stress-free sweet treat to make for Christmas, look no further than these delicious Christmas chocolate blocks! They are so easy to make, just melt the chocolate and fill the mould- it’s as simple as that!

The moulds will print lots of festive messages onto the blocks, making them a great gift for a friend with a sweet-tooth or as a fun party snack.


You Will Need
Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Fill the chocolate mould with your chosen Candy Melts and melt as per the pack instructions in the microwave.

Top Tip! If your microwave is a bit on the small side, melt the Candy Melts in the traditional way and simply pour the chocolate into the moulds once they’ve melted.

2. Once the chocolate is melted, and in the mould, tap the mould on your work surface to remove any air bubbles. Leave to set.

3. Once set carefully remove from the mould and use a small sharp knife to remove any chocolate that has over spilled.

Top Tip! For an extra decadent chocolate block, add chopped nuts and dried fruits once you’ve added the melted chocolate. Simple press into the chocolate gently, and then leave to set

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Comments and Discussion

  • Laura Brown

    Hi, this is a great idea and I really want to get one of these moulds! Just wondered how long the bars last for once they are made? Just so I can decide how long before to make them x

    • Aisha Green

      Hi Laura, I would always go by the use by dates on the edible items your using on the bars as to how long they’d keep for. Try to get things with a longer eat by date, nuts and dried fruits are a pretty safe bet. Happy chocolate making 🙂

      • Laura Brown

        Thanks! X

  • Amie Driver

    When will they be available to buy?

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