How To Make a Bean Bag Frog

It’s finally frog season and all the tadpoles are turning into frogs!

Here’s how to make your very own frog, a great activity to make with kids to introduce them to sewing machines or to hand sewing, or simply as a project for yourself.

Once you start though you’ll find it difficult to stop!

You Will Need
Please be careful when using the bean bag beans if you have children or animals. Due to the many small parts used in this make please ensure that children are supervised at all times. Children should not use sewing machines without supervision.
Craft Essentials
How To Make

1. Please click on this link to print out or copy my pattern which I have provided free for all my hobbycraft blog readers! Jill Richmond – Frog Template

Drawing seam allowance

2. Draw a seam allowance a minimum of 6mm around the outside of the pattern. I have not drawn this on the pattern as seam allowance distance can be a personal preference or material dependent. Cut out the template along the seam line.

Template Cut out

3. Iron your fat quarter and then fold it in half with the pattern on both sides facing inwards so the back of the fabric is facing up at you. Attach the frog template with pins and cut carefully around the shape.


4. Set up your sewing machine with the similar colour thread, or prepare a needle with your thread. Either hand stitch or use the sewing machine to sew around the edge of the template following the shape and keeping your seam allowance distance (a minimum of 6mm) in from the outside edge. Make sure you leave a gap between the bottom of the arm and top of the leg on one side.

Top Tip!

You may want to re-mark out the seam allowance on the material using tailors chalk so you have a guideline.

Sewing pattern

5. Turn the frog the right way around by pushing it in on itself through the gap. You will need to be patient with this part as it does take a bit of time!

Top Tip!

If you use the end of a pencil you can gently push the more tricky sections of the frog through and into place.

6. Putting your frog to one side for a moment it is now time to prepare the eyes. Use your scissors to make a small snip in your felt and push through an eye into the small gap. Now cut the felt following the shape of the eye, so as to make the outside of the eye. Do this process twice.

Top Tip!

You can use any type of eyes and shanks or sizes, or different colour felts, to create different looking frogs.

Pushing eye through felt

Cut around the eye


7. Now your frog is the right way round it is beginning to take shape! Turn just the head back inside out again and mark with a pencil on one side roughly where on the head you would like the eyes to go. Pinch the material at the point of your eye mark and ensure that you only have one side of the material pinched. Make a very small snip in the material at the point. Do this for the other point too.

Marking out eyes


8. Pick up your frog’s eyes with their felt in place and one at a time push through the gap and secure on the back with the shank. Turn your frog’s head back the right way round. Your frog is nearly finished!

Shank on eye

Frogs with eyes

9. Use the gap to fill up your frog with beans. You will need to push some of the beans into the ends of the legs. There isn’t a set amount of beans to add to your frog, just be careful not to overfill it and you can test if you have the right amount by holding the gap shut and testing if your frog sits up okay or if it needs more or less beans. When you are happy with the number of beans thread your needle with the similar colour thread and sew up the gap with small stitches.

Top Tip!

When filling your frog you may want to put the frog in a tray so any beans which don’t go in will fall into the tray and will be easy to tip back in to the bean bag ready for filling your next frog!

Fill with beans

Sewing up

10. You are now ready to admire and name your frog, or get started on making a friend for your frog!

Frog with grass

Two frogs2

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