How to Make an Alternative Christmas Card

Looking to create a Christmas card that is a little bit different to what you would usually make and takes no time at all? Well, this is the perfect Christmas card make for you!

You only need a few simple materials that will help to create a fabulous festive wonder. This alternative Christmas card is perfect to make for craft fairs or to give to your family and friends.

Why not have a go at creating one (or a few…) yourself?

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cut 5 pieces of ribbon; a little bit longer than the length of the card blank being used. Arrange the ribbons on the card blank to see how the design will look before sticking anything down.

Top Tip! You will be able to move the ribbons around to see what works best before anything is permanently stuck down.

2. Apply strips of double sided tape to the back of each piece of ribbon. Stick these down onto the card blank and trim away any excess.

3. Apply foam pads to the back of the die cut tree topper. This will add dimension to the overall look of the design. Once finished, stick this onto the card blank in the centre of the ribbons.



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