How to Make Air Dry Clay Hearts

How to Make Air dry Clay Hearts #Clay #Homecraft #Garland

Saving some pennies on your big day is at the top of most brides lists when it comes to planning their wedding.

These simple and super easy air dry clay hearts make perfect favours for guests as you can use rubber stamps to imprint each guests name or initials acting as place settings at the same time! Alternatively they would look beautiful hung up to add a personal touch to your wedding venue, the list of what you can do with these air dry clay hearts really is endless.

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : One hour

You Will Need

Craft Essentials
  • Straw
  • Rolling pin – again it is important that this is no longer used for making anything edible.
  • Flat surface – I used a cutting mat as it can easily be wiped down after use.
  • Grease proof paper

How to Make

1. Start by selecting your heart cutters (I used a variety of different sizes for mine). It is important that you keep the cutters separate you use to make these air dry clay hearts and those you use for baking, as they should never be mixed!

2. Roll out the air drying clay using a rolling pin, (again this must not be used afterwards for making anything edible!). If the clay is rolled out too thick it will take a long time to dry, however if rolled out too thin it will be quite fragile and may break. I find it best to roll out the clay to about the thickness of a £1 coin.

How to Make Air dry Clay Hearts #Clay #Homecraft #Garland

3. Once the clay has been rolled out to the desired thickness firmly press the cutters down into the clay.

How to Make Air dry Clay Hearts #Clay #Homecraft #Garland

4. Remove excess clay from around the cutters. In hard to reach areas use something with a pointed end (such as a  cocktail stick or the end of a knitting needle) to remove.

5. Gently remove the cutters and use the end of a straw to make the hole in the top of the heart to enable you to hang it.

How to Make Air dry Clay Hearts #Clay #Homecraft #Garland

6. Place the shape onto grease proof paper to dry out.

How to Make Air dry Clay Hearts #Clay #Homecraft #Garland

7. If you’d like to use rubber stamps, firmly but gently press your chosen stamp/s into the clay and stamp out your message, be careful not to press too hard as you don’t want the stamp to go all the way through the clay!

8. Leave the clay shape to dry out, this will take around two to three days, however there are a number of factors that will affect this, and it may take more or less time. Patience is key!

9. Roll all of the excess clay into a ball and continue to roll out, and cut, until all of the clay has been used up, or you have enough shapes.

Top Tip!…If you are not going to use all of the clay, make sure that the remainder is stored in an air tight container so that the moisture is kept within the clay.

10. Then thread the twine through the hole and secure the ends with a knot.

How to Make Air dry Clay Hearts #Clay #Homecraft #Garland

11. If you would like to apply decoration using the craft paints, simply use the rubber end of a pencil to create a polka dot effect running around the edge of the heart, and leave to dry.

How to Make Air dry Clay Hearts #Clay #Homecraft #Garland

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