How to Make an Air Dry Clay Castle

How to Make an Air Dry Clay Castle #KidsCraft

Air dry clay is such a great versatile product, and is great for making numeorous projects with as all you need to do is leave if for a few days to dry out and go hard before painting or decorating it.

This air cry castle is a great project to make with the kids, and you can let them go wild with the decoration! We’ve used a regal gold colour for our castle, but you can use whatever colour you like, or if you prefer you could even use decorative papers to decoupage the castle.

Suitable for: Beginners

Time needed: Two hours (plus drying time)

You will need Craft Essentials
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Sandpaper
How to make

 1. On a piece of card, draw out a rectangular castle shape to act as a template. Ours measured 12 centimetres by 10 centimetres, with two centimetres turrets. Draw a 10 centimetre square for the castle base. Cut out the templates.

HC Castle 1

2. Take a piece of clay about the size of your fist and roll it out to about five millimetre thickness.

HC Castle 2 HC Castle 3

3. Lay the template on top of the clay and cut out around it with a knife. Repeat this so that you have four castle pieces and one square piece. You will need to fold and re-roll the clay a few times to use all the off-cuts up.

HC Castle 5 HC Castle 6

4. Cut out a door shape then, using a knife you can score panels on the door. Roll a small ball of clay for a doorknob.

HC Castle 8 HC Castle 11

5. Get a small cup of water and use your finger to gently smooth the rough edges.

HC Castle 7

6. Set all the clay aside on a piece of clingfilm to dry overnight.

7. Once the clay is dry you will need to assemble the castle. This is a little fiddly so an adult will need to do this bit. Place the base square on a piece of paper to protect your work surface. Take two of the castle walls and superglue along the bottom and facing sides. Place the pieces at right angles against the base and hold them in place for a few minutes, until stable enough to stand alone. Don’t worry about any gaps between the walls for now as these will be covered by clay. Repeat the process with the other two pieces and leave to completely set.

Picture 1

8. Make slip (runny clay) by mixing the clay with water and mashing with a fork. Use your finger to fill in the gaps in the joins.

HC Castle 9 HC Castle 10

9. Leave to dry then sand down the walls to create a smooth finish.

HC Castle 12

10. Glue on the door then paint your castle inside and out. We went for regal gold and purple, and used glitter glue to create some arrow slits.

HC Castle 14 HC Castle 15

11. Add flags to your castle by taping duckling or washi tape around the top of a cocktail stick and snipping off the ends. Glue the flags inside the castle.

HC Castle 13 clay castle

clay castle

HC Castle 17

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