How to Make a Magical Fairy Tent

No princess themed birthday party would be complete without a fairy tent. Simply hang from the ceiling and fill with mountains of cushions and blankets for the princess to sit in pride of place with all of her guests…

You Will Need
Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Cut the fabric into three lengths, each three metres long. Turn over one inch on the top of each piece and hem.
  2. Next, cut the hula hoop and thread it through the casing on all three pieces of material. Re-join the two cut ends of the hula hoop with Duck Tape.
  3. Now cut the last metre of fabric into a circle: fold it into quarters, draw an arc and cut off the corners. Once you have your circle, find the centre. Pull it up into a point and tie a ribbon around it in a knot.
  4. Pin and pleat the circle of fabric to the hoop.
  5. When you’ve finished doing that, use the glue gun to stick the two bits of fabric together. Glue within the pleats, taking the pins out as you go.
  6. Let the glue cool down and then go around and trim off the excess material.
  7. Cut scalloped edges out of the sparkly fabric and attach it using  the glue gun.
  8. Finish off with ribbon.

Princess Party - Fairy Tent

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