How to Make a Mache Heart Memory Box

How to Make a Mache Heart Memory Box #memorybox #papermache

From weddings to birthdays, everyone loves presents! Make it for keeps with a simple mache heart memory box that’s laden in pastel colours! Fun and easy to do, spare half an hour to make this lovely little box.

You Will Need
Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Start off with making the scalloped shape – this can be any pastel shade, but for a lovely balance, white is a great way to make your embellishments stand out. Using the XCut Scallop Die, place this facing upwards on top of a base and cutting plate. Place your paper over the top and place another cutting plate (die-cutting machines which are not the XCut Xpress will need an adapter plate instead!) on top and roll it through until the paper is cut.
  2. Choose your desired papers – I stuck with two blues and one light-green to balance out the pink ribbon and washi tape. Pick out three different-sized, heart-shaped dies from the Nesting Die set and run them through the machine, one colour per die.
  3. Next, use your double-sided sticky tape to stick down the scallop shape and the three die-cut shapes along the edge (if you’re using a scallop tag, these hearts are a lovely way to hide the tag’s hole!) Pop on a papercraft sticker (words and phrases are a fab choice!) to centralise your themes.
  4.  Tear off a bit of washi tape and use it to underline your chosen sticker.
  5. With the double-sided sticky tape, pop on a Wood Veneer phrase and a pair of different-sized buttons.
  6. Take off the lid. Measure a small line of ribbon to cover a small part of the heart as closely to the bottom-edge as possible and then cut the ribbon. Using the double-sided tape on the ribbon, attach a small part to either end of the ribbon and then to the middle of it before carefully sticking it into place.
  7. To finish off, simply tug out a line of washi tape and carefully wrap it once around the bottom of the box. Finished!
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