Koi Pond Pattern Free Download

Koi Pond Pattern Free Download #AdultColouting #ZentangleImage and text courtesy of Colouring Heaven produced by Anthem Publishing

Everyone has the potential to be creative! If you have not already discovered the new trend of colouring that’s taking the world by storm, then maybe it’s time to try Colouring Heaven to discover the benefits of taking time out of your busy everyday life to relax, unwind and be mindful.

Art therapy is not a new concept, in fact the American Art Therapy Association represents more than 5,000 professional art therapists who are ‘dedicated to the belief that the creative process involved in art making is healing and life enhancing’. There is also a strong link to mindfulness – a term used to describe keeping your mind in the present moment, focussing on your thoughts and feelings that occur from one moment to the next, in order to promote your emotional well being.

This is the aim that our colouring pages help to achieve; each magazine contains 40 beautiful and intricate designs that you can lose yourself in for hours. By allowing yourself time to focus on one single task enables you to clear your mind of anxieties and worries, almost like mediation.

Are you ready to dust off your pencil case yet?

Your only problem would be where to start! This really isn’t a science and our colourists vary from people with virtually no art experience who simply flick through our magazine to find a page that jumps out at them, to people who will work hard with blending, shading and mixed media to bring each page to life. The benefits are just the same.

Here is a gorgeous page from our special edition of the magazine: Colouring Heaven presents Oriental Garden – why not have a go and start colouring today?

Feel free to share your completed work on the Colouring Heaven Facebook page!

Koi Pond Pattern Free Download »

Koi Pond Pattern Free Download #AdultColouting #Zentangle

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