Knitcraft Water Garden CAL Week 5

This week we are focusing on the Daisy block which is a very pretty block and you will love hooking them up this week. 

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You Will Need Instructions

Yarn Colour References:

Yarn A – Green

Yarn B – Yellow

Yarn C – Denim Blue

Yarn D – Light Blue

Yarn E – White



 For week five we will be making:

  • 15 Daisy blocks (7)


 There is no joining this week



 Knitcraft Cotton Blend in A, B & E

4mm crochet hook


Tapestry needle




DaisyB, E, A, A




 ch – chain

slst – slip stitch

tr – treble

dtr – double treble

2dtr cl – two double treble cluster

3dtr cl – three double treble cluster




 Using yarn B ch4 and slst to form a loop. (If you prefer you can make a magic circle)


Round 1

Ch3 (counts as tr), 11tr in ring. Join with a slst into top of initial ch3, fasten off yarn B. (12tr)


Round 2

Join yarn E to the top of any tr, ch4 (counts as dtr), work a 2dtr cl in the same st, ch2. *3dtr cl in the next st, ch2**

Repeat from * to ** a further 11 times. Join with a slst into the top of the 2dtr cl, fasten off yarn E. (12dtr cl, 12 ch2 spaces)


Round 3

Join yarn A into any ch2 space, ch3, 3tr in same space. In next space *2tr, ch2, 2tr. 4tr in next space**

Repeat from * to ** a further 5 times, eliminating the last repeat of 4tr. Join with a slst into the top of the initial ch3 (48sts)


Round 4

Continue with yarn A, ch3 (counts as 1tr), work 1tr into each of the next 5 sts *Work 3tr into the ch2 sp, work 1tr into each of the next 8sts* repeat from *to* a further five times. Tr in the last 2 sts, join with a slst into the top of the initial ch3.

Fasten off yarn A and sew in any loose ends (66tr)

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