How to Knit Duck Boot Cuffs

How to Knit Duck Boot Cuffs #Knitting #TogetherForShortLives

Knit Together for Short Lives #Knitting #TogetherForShortLives

Winter is almost over and with that the arrival of spring and some brighter weather (hopefully!) but also some slightly wetter weather too! These adorable knitted duck boot cuffs are perfect for little one’s wellington boots to keep their feet nice and toasty in the cooler weather.

This project is part of the Knit Together for Short Lives book which features 20 wonderful knitting patterns for you to have a go at, and all of the money paid for the book goes directly to the Together for Short Lives children’s charity.

Imagery and text courtesy of Knit Together for Short Lives published be Search Press

How to Knit Duck Boot Cuffs

This pattern is suitable for a knitter who has mastered the basics.


Top Tip!

Use the DK pure alpaca yarn double throughout.



Make two

  • Using 5 millimetre (UK 6; US 8) needles, cast on 50sts in yarn A.
  • Row 1: k tbl to form a neat edge. Change to 4.5mm (UK 7; US 7) needles.
  • Rows 2–16: *k1, p1*. Cut off yarn A.


  • Row 1: Using yarn B, knit row, increasing 1st in the middle (51st).
  • Row 2: purl.
  • Rows 3–13: Follow chart, working from right to left, and with the chart upside down (this is so the ducks are facing the right way when the boot cuff is completed).
  • Place motif on first row as follows: k4B, k4C, k9B, k4C, k9B, k4C, k9B, k4C, k4B. This is the set format for the pattern as the complete grid is repeated twice across the width of the boot cuff. All odd numbered rows are knit and even numbered rows are purl. Cut off yarn C.
  • Rows 14–­16: st st.
  • Row 17: Cast off using picot cast off as follows: cast off 2 sts *slip remaining st on right-hand needle on to left-­hand needle, cast on 2 sts using cable method, cast off 4sts*. Rep from * to * until you reach the end of the row. Fasten off last stitch.

How to Knit Duck Boot Cuffs #Knitting #TogetherForShortLives

Making up

How to Knit Duck Boot Cuffs #Knitting #TogetherForShortLives

Sew in loose ends by weaving them into stitches at the back of your work. With right side facing, use a mattress stitch to join the side seams of the pattern component of the boot cuff. Sew up the rib on the rear side of the boot cuff.

Knitting note…

How to Knit Duck Boot Cuffs #Knitting #TogetherForShortLives

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