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Julia Donaldsons “The Troll” - Loo Roll Crafts

Maggy Woodley

Maggy Woodley

Sooo, either the kids holidays are looming or you’re half way through and need something new to distract them. Time for some crafty goodness – and some crafty goodness that you can do now! The problem with many kids craft ideas ’out there’ is that they often need something that you don’t have. And yes; it’s so annoying – Like trying to bake a cake when you’ve run out of eggs.

I thought I would share some basic ideas that you could do with the kids to keep them busy, as well as to get those creative juices following.

I do assume that you have the basics – Some paint, brushes, paper and glue. And, with a bit of luck, some feathers and tissue paper. If not, I’ve included suggestions for improvisation.

The first thing when crafting in the holidays (without tearing your hair out), is to make SPACE for it. There’s nothing worse than trying to all craft at once (or the craft item, having to “go somewhere to dry”), and you having nowhere to put it. So, take a moment to clear the table, and think of a “safe place” to put things to dry.

Our Kids Craft Ideas

Paper Mache Piggy Bank Dinos

Papier Mache Piggy Banks

First up – Papier Mache Piggy Banks. We in fact made “Dino Banks”, but you don’t have to go that complicated; keep it simple. The great thing about papier mache is that it only takes several days to complete (so, you can come back to it over a few days of the holidays), and it only requires newspaper, flour and water – Oh and a balloon! If you don’t have a balloon, you can improvise with cling film and a bowl. Make two halves and later join them together. If you’re not sure how to make it, here’s our Papier mache glue recipes and full instructions.

Cereal Box Craft Ideas

Cereal Box Marble Run

Get crafty with cereal boxes… We have a set of Cereal Box Craft Ideas for you to check out. But here I am sharing a simple Marble Run – We used a toy box, but a cereal box will do just as well! Make it and then play! And, whilst you are at it, there is of course the opportunity to talk about science to your kids too.

Need to get the kids out in the fresh air? Then use the time to collect some nature items – such as sticks, leaves, stones and pinecones. Then come back and make some BUG HOTELS (!),ready for Spring. Brilliant. We have lots more Stick Craft Ideas, which are perfect for the kids this holiday.

Simple Bug Hotel

Simple Bug Hotel

Loo Roll Crafts

Julia Donaldsons “The Troll” - Loo Roll Crafts

Julia Donaldsons “The Troll”

One of my FAVOURITE craft materials is  loo rolls!! Or, if not a loo roll, then a kitchen towel roll cut in half. There are SO many things you can make with loo rolls, I could go on all day. I think the best for the holidays however, is to get a BOOK YOU LOVE, read it to the children and then make creations based on the characters in the book. Use old clothes to dress them…. We had a go at Julia Donaldsons “The Troll”.

Old-Fashioned Potato Printing

Potato Printed Wrapping Paper

Potato Printed Wrapping Paper

Finally… How about some good old fashioned Potato Printing? You can make wrapping paper or postcards to send to friends and family! Or create an Art Project like Klimt!

I do hope you have found some “easy to do now” inspiration and that you will be getting crafty these holidays!


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