Jewellery Holder

How to Make a Jewellery Holder #Jewellery

Keep your jewellery organised with this pretty holder. All you need are a few craft essentials and a twig from the garden to create this beautiful jewellery holder, perfect for adults and children alike!

How to Make Felt Bird Brooches

Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: 1.5  hours

You will need

How to make

1. Paint a twig with white paint and leave to dry. Bend a length of the wire into an arch about 20 centimetre in height and twist the ends around each end of the painted twig.

2. Bind the arch with the thin red-and-white spotted ribbon, sticking each end with glue to hold in place.

3. Glue one end of a 40 centimetre length of baby pink spotted ribbon to the middle of the twig. Bring the ribbon up to the top of the arch and stick in place, then make a loop and glue onto the other side. Trim neatly. Tie striped ribbon into bows on the hoop.

4. Use the templates (enlarged by 200 per cent) to cut out six leaves from green felt, sew together with blanket stitch and glue onto the frame.

Download the template >

5. Pin a bird brooch (see separate instructions for bird brooch project) to the central ribbon so that it sits on the branch and clip the bows and floral and button grips around the edge.

How to Make a  Jewellery Holder #Jewellery


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