Jewelled Skull Face Paint Tutorial

Jewelled Skull Face Paint Tutorial #jewelled #skull #facepaint #dotd #halloween #gems #sparkle #glitter #diy #smiffys

Go all-out this Halloween and try out this opulent jewelled skull face paint design, by professional make-up artist Anna Lingus. Use white or your natural skin colour as a base, and add as much glitter as you fancy – just make sure it is cosmetic grade. 

You can apply this look on a clean face or on top of your daily makeup, preferably without eyeshadow.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Using a blue face paint, draw a circular shape around your eyes, don’t worry if it’s not too perfect as the edges will be covered.

You can use any colour of your choice to create this look, especially if you have a specific colour scheme to stick to.


2. Using a variety of shapes and sizes, apply gems around the eye sockets to create a pretty pattern. Try and be as symmetrical as you can.

Top Tip!

Add a gem on one eye and then do the same on the other. It’s easier than doing one eye at a time! 

Optional: you can use one or as many colour gems as you like, depending on your personal taste/colour scheme

3. Apply gems to the forehead area, in as symmetrical manner. A for the very true and start by the hairline and work down and across.

Top Tip!

Use less gems on a smaller forehead and feel free to use more gems if you have a bigger forehead.

4. Paint the hollow of the nose using black face paint. Use the side of the nose as a guide.

Top Tip!

If you make a mistake just use a face wipe to clean away any uneven edges. Let it dry and re paint.

5. Using a pink face paint, paint your lips.


6. Using a black face paint and thin brush. Draw small vertical lines over your teeth to represent teeth.
Then draw a line from the outer edges of your lip to the top of your ears.

Top Tip!

Start at the centre of your upper lip and draw a line on either side. Repeat this process. This will helps your teeth appear a little more symmetrical.

7. Apply gems to the bottom of your face, above your chin. Start in the centre and add gems to either side, just like the pattern on the forehead.

8. Using a purple face paint and brush, paint your neck shoulders and chest area.

9. Using black face paint, paint the area under your jawline and blend into the purple paint, so that it creates a little depth. This only needs to go about half way down the neck.


10. Add glitter gel to the neck and chest and while it’s still wet, sprinkle loose glitter so that it sticks. This will intensify the sparkles.


11. Repeat step 10 on the sides of the face.

Jewelled Skull Face Paint Tutorial #jewelled #skull #facepaint #dotd #halloween #gems #sparkle #glitter #diy #smiffys

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