Meet the Maker: Illustrator Katie Weeks

Meet a Maker! Katie Weeks #MeetAMaker

Katie Weeks is a lady of many talents, not only is she an amazing illustrator, she is a super talented crafter too, having made pretty much everything from scratch for her bohemian, surfer-chic wedding in 2014.

As the 2015 wedding season is fast approaching, we asked Katie for some tips and advice for other DIY brides out there planning their handmade wedding.

Wedding photographed by Dorset wedding photographer Nathan Eames. To find more of Nathan’s work check out his Facebook page or catch him on Twitter.

Illustrator Katie Weeks

Meet a Maker! Katie Weeks #MeetAMaker

What made you want to have a handmade wedding?

I have always been a very creative person and like to be a little different so I thought I would give it ago. I have learnt lots of design skills over the years having several jobs within the design industry so I had that as an advantage. I wanted a day for myself and my guests to remember, I wanted our day to be completely unique and wonderfully personal.

There are so many things to plan and organise when it comes to getting married. How did you get started?

My first plan of action was to select my colour scheme; of course I picked my favourite colours and the theme I wanted to create. I put together ideas by collecting images and going fabric sourcing, and putting things together on my wedding mood board.

What inspired the theme for your big day?

The theme was based around us as a couple, we both love the sea but then again love the countryside. We both grew up in Dorset and the seaside is a big part of our lives.

Meet a Maker! Katie Weeks #MeetAMaker Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer, Nathan Eames

Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer Nathan Eames

Were there any blogs out there that you found particularly helpful?

I loved to look at Pinterest for images, of course Hobbycraft – and I also liked to look at Boho – I recently had my write up published on there.

How did you keep on track? Do you have any time saving tips?

I started with making a lot of lists, some crazy and some that came true! I knew I had a short period of four and a half months to create the decorations so I set to work on the main decorations which were the bunting for the marquees.

 Is there anything that you didn’t make for your wedding that you wish you had?

I actually wished I made more bunting believe it or not, I adore bunting it really sets the scene.

Meet a Maker! Katie Weeks #MeetAMaker Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer, Nathan Eames

Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer Nathan Eames

What were your guest reactions when they saw you crafty makes? Where there any favourite makes?

I kept all decorations a secret from everyone including my husband to be. I had the decorations all in my head but until I arrived at our reception that’s when I realised how much I had done. I had amazing feedback from all my guests and a lot of enquires to help them with their future weddings. To me creating decorations for a life changing event was a complete dream and being able to use my skills I had I loved every second of it.

Did you have any crafting companions to help you out?

My husband Martyn of course! He helped with the wood work items that I wanted made as he is a furniture maker and the tidying up behind me, our house turned into a sewing room. My Bridesmaid Emily helped me with the glass painting on the jam jars, some of the fabric bunting and hand painting on the wooden signs.

Meet a Maker! Katie Weeks #MeetAMaker Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer, Nathan Eames

Photographed by Dorset wedding photographer Nathan Eames

What were the crafting items you couldn’t be without?

My sewing machine was my best friend and a sharp pair of fabric scissors, without these half of what I created would not have been possible.

What are your five top tips for brides and grooms out there about to embark on their very own handmade wedding adventure?

I would suggest :

  1. Location is the most important decision, make sure it is special to you and your partner
  2. Make Lists – keep ticking things off as they are done (so rewarding!)
  3. Keep to your Colour scheme, don’t let others influence you too much
  4. Use every spare 10 minutes you have, don’t put things off until you have more time
  5. Get anyone that is willing to help out. Delegating some of the simple yet time consuming jobs is a must.

And for the future? What’s next? Anymore crafting projects on the horizon?

I am still crafting away this time I am concentrating on my illustration work, I am creating mugs, coasters, prints and cards all based on the sea side which includes my famous Mr seagull, surfing and wakeboarding illustrations on my website and I also have my own shop on Etsy.

Coming soon . . .

Make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming blog series from Katie in the not-too-distant future with tutorials on some of her favourite makes for her own wedding!…

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