How To Yarn Up Your Wrapping

How To Yarn Up Your Wrapping #yarn #gift #wrapping #christmas #diy

Get creative this year and add something extra to your wrapping. From quick and easy pom poms to holly gift tags you will find something you love.

How To Yarn Up Your Wrapping


Pom Pom Spots

Using DK yarn from your stash make 45mm pom poms using a pom pom maker. Make plenty in different colours. When you have wrapped your present, mark where you want each pom pom to go. Then using super glue place a small amount on each mark and push the pom pom into place. Make sure to do one side of the gift at a time and let the glue set.

pom pom gifting

Pom Pom Centre Piece

Make 1 65mm pom pom and 2 45mm pom poms using 3 strands of yarn at the same time in different colours. Using a needle and a yarn of your choice, thread the needle through each pom pom, making sure the large pom pom is in the middle. Thread through enough yarn so that you have enough to wrap around the whole gift. Secure with a bow on the wrong side of the gift.

pom pom wrapping

Holly Wrapping

Using the pattern from the Holly Christmas Card create a bunch of holly by knitting 3 leaves and 3 berries. Sew together and attach onto the gift using Super glue.

holly wrapping

For more ideas take a look at how to make a robin or snowflake gift tag!

Happy Wrapping everyone!

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