How to Use Wilton Treatology and Colour Right Systems

How to Use Wilton Treatology and Colour Right Systems #wilton #treatology #colour #right #system #baking #cake #decorating

If you’re a regular baker, or have been baking for a while, you get to a point where you start to experiment with flavours and colours a little more. Wilton have developed two fabulous products that allow you to personalise your baking more than ever before…

Wilton Colour Right System

Colour Right allows you to create your own custom colours, and a wider range of colours than most pre-mixed food colourings offer. By adjusting the ratios and amounts of each base colour you add, you can create different tones, shades and colour palettes at the touch of a drop! 

Use the booklet provided to recreate colours from vibrant teals to dusky pinks, or create your own combinations and write them down for future reference.

This is the ideal colouring system for any experienced baker that is looking to experiment with colour a little more – and perfect for a showstopper bake!

Treatology System

When you’re first starting out in baking, you often stick to using the same tried and tested flavour combinations that you know. Develop your skills at flavour matching easily with this unique flavouring system from Wilton!


With a wide range of flavours, including more unusual ones, Treatology is perfect for any baker that’s looking to get experimental with taste. This system works very much the same as the Colour Right; add certain ratios and amounts of flavour drops to create new flavours. It comes with a handy booklet with some ideas and recipes of how you can get started too!

What’s the best bit? When you’re in a rush and looking to make something that is still a showstopper, you can add flavour easily and conveniently without having to rush to a shop an ingredient you won’t always have in your storecupboard. Treatology makes it easy and convenient to experiment with flavour as and when you like.

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