How to Use Snazaroo Brush Pens in 3 Easy Steps

Snazaroo Brush Pens make it even easier than ever to get into character! Quick and easy, these pens add a fun twist to applying amazing face paint designs, and are water-based, making them easy to remove with soap and water.


Halloween could get seriously spacey with our new Alien Hero face paint design- so easy to create with our Brush Pen Adventure pack.

How to Paint an Alien Hero

1. Start your alien by drawing thick, glasses-style circles around the eyes with the red Brush Pen.

2. Next twist the base of your blue Brush Pen and use it to paint some forehead antennas, the nose and an alien face shape outline on the cheeks and chin.

3. To finish your outer space face, add embellishment to the blue areas with the gold Brush Pen. Draw a line of three gold dots on the chin, horizontal stripes at the side of the cheeks and a diamond and dots to the bridge of the nose to connect the red circles.

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Recreate endless cute looks on fairies of all kinds with three enchanted colours using our Brush Pen Fantasy pack.

How to Paint a Tooth Fairy

1. To start, take a pink Brush Pen, twist it up and paint a curvy swirl outline down each side of the face, from the temples to the jawline. Fill in the swirl and then draw a lip-shaped ‘frame’ around the mouth. Finish by add a large heart to the forehead in the centre, just between the brows.

2. Next, pick up the purple Brush Pen, twist it and start adding detail over the pink. Begin by outlining the pink lips, and adding smile lines to each corner. Paint abstract flowers over the cheek swirls and add dots and sunray details to the heart, then create little fan shapes from the outer corner of each eye, making sure you don’t get too close.

3. The finishing touches can be made with your silver Brush Pen, so add extra dots above and below each eye and details under the heart, at the top of the nose. Paint silver flecks on the eye fans and embellish the cheeks with a few curly swirls.


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Paint a fabulous fox without feathers flying- follow the below step-by-step guide.

1. Take your white Brush Pen and paint the base for your fox face. Use quick, short strokes under the eyes, on the nose and around the forehead. The Brush Pen’s clever nib will help make short work of this.

2. Now get your orange Brush Pen ready, as it’s time to add some colour. Enhance the white strokes you’ve already painted with similar orange strokes at the ends to create a fox fur effect.

3. Now finish off your design with your black Brush Pen, adding detail to bring out your fox nose, ears and whiskers. Painting outlines and fine details is easy with Snazaroo Brush Pens, so it’s fun to finesse a fab fox with fine flourishes. Fantastic!

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Peter was made up with his magic pizza face. Create your own tasty looks with our three-piece Brush Pen Jungle pack.

How to Paint a Pizza Peter Face

1. For this look, you need to start with your brown Brush Pen. First twist the base and draw the round outline of a pizza, using the whole face, from hairline to jaw. Leave a triangular shaped ‘slice’ missing around the nose, then draw a ‘slice’ line from the top of the forehead down to the pizza’s centre, which should be at the bridge of the nose.

2. With your green Brush Pen, paint small solid circles, like polka dots, evenly inside the pizza outline. These will be your spicy jalapeno peppers!

3. Next it’s time to fill in, so pick up your yellow Brush Pen and paint inside the pizza lines, avoiding the eyes and green jalapenos. Once the pizza is neatly filled in, add about five yellow dots to each jalapeno for seeds, and with your brown Brush Pen add tiny crescents of salami scattered on top of the yellow. Ready for a slice?

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Discover the power of 3 with the Brush Pen Adventure pack and paint superb superheroes in seconds.

How to Paint a Superhero Face

1. Use your blue Brush Pen to start painting the outlines and stars of the superhero mask around the eyes. Try and make them look like two reflected ‘C’ shapes No need for special powers, Snazaroo Brush Pens make details easy.

2. Now take your gold Brush Pen and paint a triangle pointing downwards on the forehead between the two ‘C’ shapes above the eyes, and add a couple more gold triangles where they end on either side of the nose.

3. When the gold paint is dry, it’s time for some finishing touches. With your red Brush Pen, add the final details that will really bring your superhero to life. Paint stars and stripes around your blue and gold lines to make a mighty mask with minimum mess.

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