How to Throw an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to welcome a fresh start with excitement and positivity, but often the celebration can be a rushed afterthought in the sleepy wake of Christmas. It needn’t be that way, and we have the tools and forward planning that you’ll need to create a truly unforgettable New Year’s Eve party this year. Read on as we count down the current 10 biggest party-ware trends to ensure that you are able to set 2019 off with a bang!


Firstly, take a look at this brilliant bistro-inspired circus party lights project by Kasie Barton, perfect for lighting up your home this New Year! Kasie uses mache letters and an array of embellishments to create an extravagant interior centrepiece.


10. Gold Theme

Goodbye copper, gold is back this year! Metallics are the go-to New Year’s Eve colour scheme thanks to their connotations of newness and good fortune. There are lots of products available that cater towards this party-decor theme, and curating your own party around one metallic is a sure way to keep things looking well put together.



Gold Foil Polka Dot Party Hats »

These party hats are super chic. Why not fully embrace the party atmosphere and sport your own? You could even use a Pom Pom Maker » to add your own embellishments to the top!



Ombre New Year’s Eve DIY Pinata by Lia Griffith »

These decorations look fantastic and are easy (and cheap!) to make. Use a Circle Craft Punch » to quickly cut out perfect circles, and attach to a paper lantern lampshade with a Hot Glue Gun ». Simple!


Silver2 copy

Gold Pinwheel Fan Decorations »

Pinwheel decorations are rather reminiscent of 90’s Christmas decs, but these ones have had a fantastically modern makeover. We love them, and think they’d look perfect in any setting!


9. Multi-Coloured Theme

Step outside the status quo and go for some brights at New Year instead of the classic metallics! These toned down colours create exactly the kind of carefree, bubbly environment you’d expect of a New Year’s Eve party.



Multi Coloured Party Confetti »

This larger tissue paper confetti makes a nicer change from the smaller, metallic confetti that we’ve grown accustomed to. The colours are modern, and would fit perfectly within any party theme!



How to Sew Bunting »

Use the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog to see how to sew your very own bunting using Multi-Coloured Fat Quarters »! Swap out the fabric for whatever the theme of your party. If sewing’s not your thing, we sell these Bright Scalloped Edge Bunting » sets that are made out of card!



8. Space Theme

Taking inspiration from this years Pantone Colour of the Year – Ultra Violet – we’ve collected together three inspiring DIY projects that will allow you to invite the stars into your home!



How to Make Galaxy Cupcakes by Sweet & Savoury Meals »

These cupcakes are a dream, and the buttercream requires no colouring! Follow the above recipe by Sweet & Savoury Meals to create your own. Create the cake wraps by using your Cricut Explore Machine » and your choice of space-themed paper!



Moon Phase Lights by The House That Lars Built »

It’s very fitting that the phases of the Moon fit perfectly along these lantern lights! Use a Gold or Silver Paint Marker Pen » and carefully draw out your own. Hang Star Toppers » on Twine » in between each bulb to complete the look.



Image by Ruffled Blog

How to Make Easy Marbled Paper »

These marbled cards were created with a wedding in mind, but there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t be re-appropriated as New Year wish cards for your guests to fill out and hang on the wall! They are beautiful, after all! Ask your guests to have a think about what their biggest goal is for the coming year and create a positive mood board.


7. Party Food

It’s not a party without snacks! The following nibbles work as both decoration and fuel for your New Year festivities.



How to Make Cake Pops on the Hobbycraft blog »

These keep popping up – but it’s hard to resist – they look so good! Select Candy Melts » in the colour of your choice, and a selection of sprinkles. How about using these Edible Silver Stars »?



Fun and Easy Pretzel Sparklers by Grace at Eats Amazing »

Chocolate covered pretzels are an excellent sweet and savoury snack to add into the mix. Decorate with Edible Star Sprinkles »! For more guidance, take a look at the above tutorial.



How to Make Colourful Mini Meringues on the Hobbycraft blog »

Meringues are super sweet snacks that will keep everyone dancing for a few more hours! Read the recipe above from the Hobbycraft blog and see how easy they are to make. What colours would you make yours?


6. DIY Decor

There’s nothing better than being able to use what’s leftover from before – so find wrapping scraps, and tissue paper and see what fantastic decorations you can fashion.



How to Make Cricut Explore Bottle Wraps on the Hobbycraft blog »

Bottle wraps are a great idea if everyone is going to be drinking the same thing! Personalise each with a different cut out and you’ll have a fuss-free evening ahead.



How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms on the Hobbycraft blog »

Why not use up some of the extra tissue paper leftover from Christmas by crafting these fun pom poms to hang around your home! Take a look at the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog to find out how.



DIY Sewn Gold Circle Wall Garlands

Another one to use up the leftovers – use a sewing machine to run thread through a selection of differently sized circles cut out using our Circle Punches », in order to create your own garland wall hanging. A simple and effective decoration!


5. Party Favours

It’s great to provide a little unexpected extra for your guests, and these three New Year themed party favours will ensure a memorable night for all involved! 



Chinese New Year DIY Paper Fortune Cookies »

Paper fortune cookies are an interesting take on the classic edible version, and are much easier to make. Take a look at the above tutorial to see how you can fill Patterned Papers » with messages of good will and positivity! 



How to Make Champagne Lollipops with Edible Glitter by Christi’s Cookie Corner »

What a brilliant idea! Use these Gold Edible Stars » along with Lollipop Sticks »  after having a read through of the above recipe by Christi’s Cookie Corner in order to create your own.



Ring in the New Year Bell Party Favours

We have everything you need to decorate some cute New Year bells! Grab some Twine », Black Gift Tags », and a White Gel Pen » to create your own set of New Year noise-makers.


4.  Foil Backdrops and Photobooths

Photobooths have become a stable of any big gathering, and it’s nice to add a bit of formality to an event by using polaroid keepsakes that people can take home with them. Be inspired by the following ideas for framing and backdrops. It’s the perfect excuse to get crafty with card!



Photograph by

DIY Gold Foil Curtain Backdrop »

Perhaps the most important thing to take into consideration when setting up a photobooth is the backdrop! We’ve got several colours of Foil Curtain Backdrops » in store and online. Take a look at this creative tutorial above that combines more than one colour to create a more interesting, geometric backdrop.


DIY Photobooth Hoop Wreath by Sarah at All Things with Purpose »

This hoop frame idea is a nice alternative to a paper frame, and would be light to hang from a ceiling. There’s no end to what you could use to decorate the hoop with, and it’d certainly create some stunning memories to display! Use artificial flowers » and balloons » to decorate your own!



How to Make a Polaroid Photo Frame on the Hobbycraft blog »

A post-photobooth display gallery is a nice idea if you’ll be using a Polaroid camera. You could even pop some crafting supplies nearby so that people can decorate their photos as they wish on the night!


3. Lights

It’s fitting that a party at night should be decked out with some pretty spectacular lighting, which is why we’re bringing you these three imaginative lighting alternatives to add a bit of mood to the party atmosphere. 


Jar Lights

DIY Fairy Light Jars »

These lights are so simple to make, but add the perfect finishing touch to any room or garden. Use our Copper Wire LED Lights » within Glass Storage Jars » to easily create your own to dot around.



How to Make Paper Lanterns on the Hobbycraft blog »

Papercraft your own lanterns out of bags by reading the above tutorial. Don’t worry about introducing paper and flame, we have LED Flameless Tea Lights » that’ll do the job!



DIY Glitter Soy Candles by Stacy at Ever Mine »

These sweet candles are so gorgeous, and really easy to make. Take a look at the above tutorial by Stacy at Ever Mine to see how it’s done. Just make sure to extinguish any flames if things get too boisterous!


2. Balloons

Balloons are the staple of any party, and recently there have been some super imaginative designs on the market. Here are a selection of our favourites, from confetti filled to glow in the dark. Why not prepare the ultimate midnight moment with a DIY balloon drop? Take a look below to find out how!



Extra Large Multi Coloured Confetti Balloons »

We love these confetti balloons, and they’re much larger than you’d expect! Fill a corner with a bit more interest by blowing up a couple of these with some helium.



Illooms Mixed Colour Light Up Balloons »

These balloons are super fun and would be a great hit with kids if there will be any present at your New Year’s celebrations! There are a couple of different colourways that Illooms have created to choose from – take a look online!



How to Make a DIY Balloon Drop by The Daily Meal »

Create the ultimate pinnacle moment with a balloon drop from your ceiling. Check out the above tutorial to find out how it’s done. If you don’t feel like making your own, we have a premade Balloon Drop Bag » on the online store!


1. Party Poppers and Sparklers

Party Poppers and Sparklers are more than necessary for the big moment! Craft your own poppers or buy some premade sparklers to start 2018 off on the right foot!



Gold Mini Sparklers »

These mini sparklers are very sweet, and are the perfect size to last for a minute or so as the big hand strikes twelve. 



DIY Confetti Poppers on Brit + Co »

Have a go at making your own DIY confetti poppers by following the above tutorial by Brit + Co, or, if you don’t fancy making your own, we have a few Party Poppers » to chose from online and in store.


Which of these crafts are you most inspired by? Let us know in the comments!

We always love to see your crafts, so tag us in a photograph @Hobbycrafthq on Instagram and @Hobbycraft of Twitter.

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