How to Style Scandi Tea Light Houses

Use subtle and on-trend colour palettes to style the gorgeous Scandi ceramic tea light holders to your interior styling takes. Follow the simple guide to see how best to prep and paint the holders!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by priming the surface of the ceramic houses using white chalk paint and a paintbrush. One coat for this make will be perfect, but if you want to make sure it has a good coverage then apply a second coat. Make sure to leave each coat of paint to completely dry.

2. Next, paint each house in an acrylic paint colour of your choice. We have chosen to use an on-trend taupe, as well as very light pastel pink and blue to offer a different colour scheme for interior Christmas decorations. Leave to dry.

3. Paint one more coat of paint onto each of the houses in the corresponding acrylic paint colour. Leave to dry.

4. Style your tealights on a mantle piece or window sill, using LED tealights as a safer alternative to burning candles.

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