How to Style a Modern DIY Baby Shower

Creating a theme and crafting for a baby shower is the perfect way to treat the mother-to-be, and host an event to remember and cherish for years to come! Crafting pro Becki Clark has shared her styling tips and four gorgeous DIY projects that she undertook to create the dream baby shower for one of her friends. 

It’s so easy to create a range of modern craft projects full of foliage, florals and natural elements. It’s possible to create decorations that not only serve a function on the day, but work after the occasion as gifts or favours for the mother-to-be and her friends. As you’ll see in this example, the naturally dyed wall hanging and guess the baby weight and date box work brilliantly as decorations, and also as thoughtful keepsakes for mum to be to take home and put up in the nursery. The milk bottle blooms make the prettiest decoration, and double up as perfect favour for guests to take home from the shower.

Becki Clark’s top styling tips:

– Stick to your theme, the colours I mainly wanted to use were soft pinks, greys and greens so I made sure that the flowers I picked kept to this colour palette. I used soft pink pom poms to scatter around the house as well as pink tassel garlands to hang from shelves

– Balloons are always a good idea! The great thing about the Hobbycraft large balloons is that they take up quite a bit of space so place them against blank walls to create the perfect backdrop for photos throughout the day. I added a few lengths of ribbon in a knot to hang from the base of the balloon.

– If you’re having nibbles and cake, then cake toppers are a great touch. Pair with napkins, paper plates, and paper straws to bring the table setting together.

– Add left over stems from your milk bottles to other vases and scatter them around the house

– Lay a few stems of foliage on a wooden tray and place your glasses on to make them into more of a decorative item



How to Make a Naturally Dyed Wall Hanging

You Will Need

3 metres of cotton/linen materials »

2 bowls of strawberries

3 rose stems (you’ll use the petals)


Foliage »


Stainless steel pan

How to Make

Prepping your material

1. To ensure that the dye lasts you’ll need to prep your fabric. I began by cutting my fabric into around 1m lengths and about 7cm wide. I used 2 types of fabric, 2 metres of cotton and 1 metre of linen to give a nice textured mix.

2. Wash your fabric, you’ll need it to be damp before you place is the fixative solution. Mix ½ cup of salt to 8 cups of water and place the damp fabric into soak for an hour, rinse with cool water and your fabric is ready to dye.



3. I made two different dyes, strawberry and rose petals. For the strawberries you’ll need to cut off the stalk and cut into pieces before adding the water. 

4. You can use around double the quantity of water to strawberries. Heat the water slowly, be sure not to boil it too quickly you just want it to be simmering for about 20 minutes.

5. Drain the strawberries into a bowl so you are just left with your dye in the saucepan.

6. Begin placing the lengths into the bowl a couple of lengths at a time.

7. To create a range of different pink hues leave some lengths in for 20 minutes, some for 10 and some for 5. These can then sit to dry, hanging them on a radiator will speed this up.

8. I repeated this dye method using rose petals for the lighter pink, just taking the petals off of the rose placing in the water to simmer and then draining before dyeing the lengths and leaving them to dry.

9. Once all the lengths are dry you can then begin to put your wall hanging together looping the material around the stick. I choose to mix the different hued colours across the branch.

10. Once all lengths are attached you can then tie one either side so you can hang your wall hanging up to see how its looking. I then cut the outside lengths shorter working my way to the middle of the hanging leaving it the longest.

11. Attach foliage along the top of the branch to give it a whimsical woodland feel. (pic10) I then hung this above the fire place with two large Hobbycraft balloons next it to frame the hanging and give it a bit of a party feel.


How to Make a Guess the Baby Weight and Date Box Frame

You Will NeedHow to Make

1. Firstly take the box frame and remove the glass. Take the wood square that sits inside the frame and lay lengths of twine across it to work out when your string will sit. 

2. Make a mark with a pencil where you want the twine to hang from. 

3. Make a loop at the end of the twine and place your pin in the centre so that you can tighten up the knot around the pin. 

4. Now push into each side of the box so that your twine is strung across. 

5. Repeat another line so you have two lines of string. You can now put the square back into the box and put the backing piece in so your frame is assembled just without the glass.

6. Take your kraft tags and draw these simple motifs in white chalk pen on the front of them with question marks.

7. On the back use a biro pen to write prompts for the guests to answer.

8. Attach to the lines of twine and add foliage to decorate.

9. I made a few extras just incase people made mistakes and placed them next to the frame for the shower in the ginger ray wooden slices.

10. I styled the box on a shelf with peach pom poms around it and a tassel garland hanging underneath. 


How to Make Floral Milk Bottle Decorative Favours

You Will NeedHow to Make

1. As the theme of the baby shower was woodland themed I wanted to make sure there was lots of flowers placed around the house and something lovely that the guests could each take home. I popped to my local wholesalers to get my flowers but you could buy a couple of bunches from the supermarket if you’re not close to a wholesalers, or use artificial flowers available online in store at Hobbycraft. Once happy with your selection, split the bunches between the bottles.

2. I used a mix of long stems and foliage in pink and green colours. Even a single stem would look gorgeous in these milk bottles.

3. Once all of the bottles are full you can draw these simple foliage motifs onto the kraft tags and attach them on with twine.

4. I place across shelves and used the ginger ray hello world backdrop strings to sit across the shelf too. 


How to Make Hand Illustrated Wrapping Paper

You Will NeedHow to Make


1. Lay your kraft paper out and cut to the size that you need. Mix your acrylic with a few drops of water just to thin out the paint.

2. I wanted to create a woodland pattern across the paper so chose a few motifs that I could repeat.

3. I began with the oak leaf shape drawing a curved line up first. Then working around the line with continuous curved leaves. 

4. The acorn is made up from a half moon shape

5. Paint a line across the top so that you can work another half moon shape as the acorn lid.

6. Add a stem and fill the bottom of the acorn leaving a small shape to give the illusion of a shine.

 7. Work diagonal lines across the lid of the acorn. 

8. The next dried seed motif is made up of simple lines, just take your time with the strokes and add a small circle at the top of each stem.

9. Now repeat these motifs across the paper, if you’re stretched for time you can always create these motifs larger so that they take up more space.

10. I added a few polka dots in spaces between the motifs and again polka dots work really well as a space filler. 

11. Leave to dry overnight and then wrap your gift with the paper. I also added a length of material that was left over from the wall hanging to tie round the gift and add to the natural woodland theme. 

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