How to Style a Kids’ Ice Cream Birthday Party

It’s so simple to create a vibrant, put together kids’ birthday party with only a few craft supplies and a bit of imagination! Here Becki Clark shows us how to create fun ice cream party bags, mini flag toppers, sprinkle plates and a decorative garland that do just the trick!


1. Ice cream party bags

You Will NeedHow to Make

1. Using the circular craft punch on the coloured card, create a selection of coloured card circles. These will be your ice cream ‘scoops’ so if you wanted you could draw some sprinkles on with the Posca pens or get the birthday boy or girl help with some drawing onto them!

2. Cut a tall triangle out of a yellow card to use as your cone.

3. Using the white Posca paint pen you can draw diagonal lines down the cone in both directions to create the grid effect on the cone

4. Stick your cone onto the bags and then add the coloured circles to create your ice cream stack!


2. Flag Cake Toppers

You Will NeedHow to Make


1.Wrap a length of Washi tape around the top of the cocktail stick and fold it over to stick back on itself


2. Cut a triangle in to the end of the length of Washi tape to create a flag effect


3. Use different colours and lengths to create double flag toppers. These will work well for cupcakes but you could definitely make larger ones with more flags working down the stick for bigger cakes.


3. Circle Garland

You Will NeedHow to Make


1. Begin with using your craft punch to create a selection of coloured card circles


2. Add glue to the back of the card circle and place the twine across the middle


3. Press down the top circle to glue the cards together with the twine running through the middle


4. Keep working along the twine to create your own garland. You could use these for tails for big helium balloons, to hang and decorate the house or even to wrap round gifts as an added touch of fun!


4. Sprinkle Plates

You Will NeedHow to Make


1. Begin in the centre of your plate as the paint pens smudge quite easily so its better to work outwards from the centre


2. Draw rectangles and colour them in at different angles to create a sprinkle effect. I found it easier to draw each sprinkle alternating the colours rather than drawing all the pink first,  this way I could make sure the colours were even across the plate.


3. Don’t be too worried if your rectangles aren’t all exactly the same, as long as they are all working in different directions and colours they will create the sprinkle effect


4. When you’re happy with your design pop the plate in the oven for 20-40 mins on 140 degrees to bake and secure your design, this will make it washable. You could varnish your plate to make it food safe however it would be best if these are used as decorative items rather than for food.

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