How to Style a Jungle Themed Party

Create a jungle themed party by following these five super fun crafts, spanning from soap and ‘potion’ making to the all-important party bags! 


Animal Soaps

These super soaps hide small animals and a sprinkling of glitter inside for extra fun while washing. Making soaps is incredibly simple and with help is a great activity for kids to do. The hidden toy can be adapted for all different sorts of occasions and is a fantastic homemade gift.

You Will Need Craft Essentials



Chopping Board


How to Make

1. Cut up the soap base – to make 4 standard soap bars I used half of this tub of soap mix. Cut into chunks roughly the size of jelly.

2. Melt the soap base in the microwave, simply heat and stir at 15-30 second intervals.

3. Grease the moulds using Vaseline.

4. Sprinkle a little glitter into the moulds and then the toy figure.

5. Pour in the soap and then another sprinkle of glitter.

6. Leave for 2 hours and then pop out of the moulds.

7. To make the wrapper – take a piece of the jungle print paper and fold in half and then tear it.

8. Wrap around the soap and gently crease the edges, secure with tape.


Animal Party Hat Cake Toppers

Who doesn’t love a party hat?! These quirky little cake toppers can be made with any toy figure and are sure to cheer up any classic cake.

You Will Need How to Make

1. Draw around a small circle on a piece of patterned paper, a reel of washi tape is perfect for this. Cut out.

2. Gently fold the circle in half, and then half again and the unfold.

3. Cut out one of the quarters of the circle using the folds as a guide.

4. Curl the shape into a cone and then apply a small dot of glue from the glue gun to the corner of the paper. (Be careful with your fingers!)

5. Place a dot of glue onto the top of the hat and place a pom pom.

6. Lightly glue around the edge of the party hat and place onto the figure’s head.


Jungle Potion

Potion making is a daily activity in our house, I love that it gets kids outside whatever the weather and there are always ingredients available in nature. Using a lovely corked bottle and labelling the jars makes them extra special, and fantastic as an outdoor party activity.

You Will NeedHow to Make

1. Using a label maker punch in the name of the potion, you could use the child’s name or the birthday child.

2. Stick on the label and its finished – I usually get children to forage for all the goodies, then add a little water and a sprinkle of glitter – I always use biodegradeable so that when you pour it away there are no nasties left for your garden or the animals.

Top Tip! You could set up an area outside with all different items that could be used in the potion, for example, bowls of leaves, dried petals, tiny stones.


Tissue Paper Leaf Garlands

A speedy way to jungle up your space, these leaf garlands are made in minutes and create a fantastic backdrop to a party. Essentially paper dolls but in the shape of leaves these are a great way to get kids helping with the party prep.

You Will NeedHow to Make

1. Open up the dark green tissue bundle and cut it in half down the main fold.

2. Concertina the tissue paper using the folds which are already there from the packet as a guide.

3. Draw a point at the top and bottom of the tissue to make a rough leaf shape.

4. Cut small triangular chunks from the edge to give the leaves the jungle look.

5. Open out the leaves and use however you wish, to make them longer you can use a glue stick to gently glue one garland to another, and using the lighter green you could try different leaf shapes and layer them up when you hang.


Jungle Party Bags

These jungle leaf adorned party bags are so quick to and satisfying to make. You can experiment with different papers, leaf shapes and even the string which you use to tie them on.

You Will Need How to Make

1. Cut a 12cm x 8cm rectangle from the patterned paper and then fold it in half.

2. Roughly draw half a leaf shape.

3. Cut out the leaf shape and then cut little triangular shapes from the edge.

4. Open the leaf out and then punch a hole in the top.

5. Cut a length of jute and thread it through the hole and then tie to the bag handle. Fill with treats!


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